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A Tale of Long Distance Love

“Long distance love never works.” A phrase often heard from many people. But is this true at all? Because when you truly love someone, it cannot just fade away nor can it be so fragile. Mere distance does not have the power to shatter the unconditional love. Rakhee and Vineeth’s story is a proof for that.

Rakhee was in her hostel when she came to know that Vineeth had sent her a request on KeralaMatrimony. Since he lived abroad, they got the chance to meet only after a month and when they met...

there was no looking back. “I wasn’t really sure if this proposal will ever work out but..” said Rakhee. But when he came and they got to talking, it just went on for forty five minutes.

Rakhee is a diehard pet lover and she preferred her partner to have a liking for pets too. But was Vineeth a pet lover? “We were chatting on our terrace. We were amidst our conversation when he noticed a pair of love birds and told me that we will also have a pet in our house,” stated Rakhee. There I understood why she said that her intuition had already been a yes. But I was wrong apparently because she corrected me and said, “That is of course one of the reasons but I said a yes because he is very honest and extremely chivalrous.”

Despite living in two different countries, they had the best courtship anyone can imagine. Not because of any one specific incident but whenever they got time to spend with each other, they made the best memories to fill their memory book. “We did meet a few times before and after engagement but couldn’t get as much time to communicate. It was a little difficult but we managed,” she said with pride.

These two love birds are two sides of the same coin. If one is childlike and fun, the other is matured and sorted. But they are just perfect for each other because that’s how Rakhee described Vineeth, “He is perfect.” However, in these two years of their marriage, they could only get two months together. They were definitely far from each other but yet very close, because in the dictionary of love, there isn’t any word called distance.

Since Vineeth wasn’t able to join us in our conversation, I asked Rakhee if she wanted to give him a message. Pouring her heart out, she said, “I want to let him know that I miss him but I don’t want to miss him because now I only want us to be together happily ever after.”

The moment Rakhee finished narrating her journey, I could only hope that she gets to begin her happily ever after as soon as possible! So, the most important message that could be inferred from Rakhee and Vineeth’s story is if you really love someone, without any conditions, don’t let distance separate you!

We wish them a Happily Ever After… Forever!

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