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BharatMatrimony Brought an Angel into My Life, Says Sebastian

“At that moment, I felt marrying her might just be impossible,” said Sebastian. But here they are, the power couple speaking about their union and the power of love. Their story is truly an inspiration to believe that love is powerful than anything else in the universe.

Anna, who is soon to be promoted from a wife to a mother, tells about the one thing she has brought into her husband’s life, “He always tells me that he was lonelier before marriage but I have brought happiness into his life.” I am sure that the man couldn’t deny this because he quotes, “I will always be thankful to BharatMatrimony for bringing in an angel into my life.” Not just this, but he also says that he has got her as a gift from God.

Sebastian and Anna are living their ‘happily ever after’ each day and that escalates my curiosity to know how their journey begun and how it became to be the strongest love story. “I am 6 feet tall and I wanted someone tall and from Bombay,” Sebastian began talking about his list. When he finally connected with his special someone, their journey began with a phone conversation. “Our first conversation went on for 45 minutes.” I am sure that wasn’t enough.

But Anna wanted to finish her MBA first and then think of marriage. However, she was unaware that her father’s decision of registering her profile was about to give her the world’s loveliest person because he did wait for almost a year until she finished her exams. So, could there be anyone else other than Sebastian to fulfil her condition of understanding her every word without her saying it out loud? “No way,” said Anna.

The cupid had struck its arrow right into their hearts in that 45 minutes. And hence their journey began…

I was too excited to ask Anna about the proposal, expecting a dreamlike one and it turned out to be true. “He sang and danced for me and then proposed as well,” said the beautiful lady. But what Sebastian narrated about their engagement and wedding was the hook of their story.

On the day of their engagement, just when he had to slip in the ring into her hand, Sebastian realized that his ring was with his brother in-law. But where was he? “He was stuck in the Bombay traffic for 3 hours,” said Sebastian. But finally did you have the engagement. He laughed and said, “Yes! We did.” As funny as their engagement ceremony sounded, their wedding was an ‘edge of the seat’ scenario. Describing it, Sebastian spoke, “Her parents wanted the wedding to happen in Kerala. Everything was working according to the plan until the horrific floods hit Kerala.” So was your wedding postponed? “It was about to but my father-in-law called me up and suggested that there was one last train from Bombay to Kerala. So, I boarded that train but my guest list was reduced to only 7 people. But whatever the situation was, I finally married the woman I love,” elaborated the man.

When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you have the strength to fight the universe. So did Sebastian and Anna. One is matured and shy, and the other is childlike and a foodie. Accepting each other just the way they are, this couple is living their fairy tale. Sebatian ends it on a lovely note saying, “We got married on the 20th of August and so I propose to her on that date every month.”

“He is my biggest surprise,” says Anna.

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