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Friends Asked Me to Register on BharatMatrimony, Can’t Thank Them Enough

Weddings are always special for couples. It is something that they look forward to and plan for months. Their wedding day was an equally beautiful and precious memory for Jayaraj and Sreethukrishna as well. But there was something extra special about that day which Jayaraj can never let go of for anything.

Jayaraj says that BharatMatrimony had to be his choice to search for a partner because it is very popular among everyone and for Sreethu, it was her friend who suggested to register on this platform.

I initiate the conversation and ask Jayaraj what he was looking for in his partner and he said, “I did not want anything big but just wanted a friend and a lifelong companion whom I could share my journey with.” Sreethu also had a similar checklist for her ideal partner. So what happened when they met? “Oh! I still remember the first time I saw her. She was dressed up in baby pink,” said Jayaraj.

I was under the assumption that they, like all the contemporary couples would have had long phone conversations but little did I know that they preferred going unconventional. Sreethu unfolded an interesting facet to their story and told, “We got to know each other better only after our engagement. That is when our bond actually grew stronger.” Jayaraj added a little more perspective to this and said, “We exchanged our numbers only after our engagement.” And then there was no looking back. “Since then, we used to talk for 3-4 hours every day but that was never enough,” adds Jayaraj.

A Surprise worth Everything

I was looking forward to listen to their wedding story, their personal favourite moment of their big day. They did have their favourite moment but it was post the wedding ceremonies. An unexpected surprise was awaiting Jayaraj when he got back home. “My wife had planned a beautiful candlelight dinner for me on the same day. It was overwhelming. I will never forget this day solely because of this,” said Jayaraj.

For those who are head over heels in love with each other, marriage can only be blissful. When I ask this lovely couple about who is more romantic, both of them point at the other person. Sreethu and Jayaraj’s life is evidently filled with lots of love. But there is another secret mantra that keeps their relationship lively. Sreethu enlightened me about that and said, “We love quarrelling. That is our mantra for a successful relationship.”

Someone who defines love as a precious emotion only could make this statement when I asked to describe a perfect weekend, “My perfect weekend is there wherever he is. If I were to ask anything to God, I would only ask him till my last breath,” said Sreethu.

I was about to end the conversation with this adorable couple when Jayaraj told me about his dream that he wants to live with his beloved wife, “We would like to have twin babies someday. That is our little dream.”

For this couple loaded with love and cuteness, we wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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