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How a Naval Officer Found Love on KeralaMatrimony

The stranger seemed very familiar, as if she knew him already. How was that possible? She was meeting him for the first time.

It is sometimes bewildering to witness two strangers bonding so quick that they even decide to spend their lives together. But what is more surprising is it happens through a phone call or even because of a mere sight, as if they have some invisible cosmic connection.

A conversation with Keerthana made me believe that she definitely had some connection with the naval officer,

whose photo she saw on BharatMatrimony. “Sarath had put a photo of himself wearing his naval uniform. I guess that photo got me really excited and intrigued to meet and get to know more about him,” she said.

Not waiting for another moment, she sent him an interest and within a week, was connected to Sarath. It was planned that they meet at her house. I was excited to know how Keerthana felt to meet the person she was so keen to meet and this is what she said, “Both of us were equally nervous. Although, I was meeting him for the first time but it did not feel so. He did not seem like a stranger. Instead, I felt as if I knew him for ages.” This sense of familiarity was so comforting that they ended of chatting for almost two hours.

In their 10 months of courtship, there was one moment when she understood how much Sarath meant to her. “Just two months after our meeting, he had to get back to his duty. Until then I hadn’t realised his importance in my life. But when he was away, I understood how much I missed him,” she stated. Luckily though, he was given some internet in his ship which is why they could stay connected whenever possible.

Marriage is always special for the brides and so was the case for Keerthana as well. She said when she was getting ready for her big day and saw her reflection in the mirror that was when she realised she was getting married. “The feeling was very overwhelming,” Keerthana said recalling her special day.

Keerthana and Sarath were about to go on their honeymoon when suddenly he got a duty call. It was certainly saddening but this was the reason why Keerthana fell for him in the first place. “I was sad but at the same time, I was proud that he is extremely sincere about his profession. I remember he had told me once that he is passionate about his profession and I love that about him.” Sarath however promised her that he will take her to their honeymoon one day.

There is distance between them but there is also earnest commitment and unconditional love. So whenever the Officer is in the sea, serving his duty, the wife also is counting days and marking on the calendar for his arrival.

Keerthana and Sarath are the epitome of irrevocable love!

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