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When Ajith Almost Missed His Flight to Meet Anjali

The name Anjali always reminds me of the film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Just like the film had so much drama, the heroine of this story, as she claims has no less of it. Anjali unfolds her love story, which can literally compete with a Karan Johar movie. It has romance, drama and most importantly an airport scenario like almost every Hindi film.

Meet Anjali, a high spirited, vivacious and beautiful girl who was not ready to settle yet. “Yes! I was not really prepared for marriage but my brother insisted on it and finally registered on BharatMatrimony on behalf of me,” said she. Her criteria was also simple. She just wanted someone who was from Delhi.

When they finally connected, the first phase of drama started. “I had already liked his profile. I mean he was so handsome and charming. Who wouldn’t like him?” I tried connecting with Ajith to know more about this but since he was unavailable, Anjali filled into his shoes and continued, “He was initially hesitant to talk to me but my mother put her foot down and convinced him to talk to me.” What happened when you started your conversations? “When I heard his voice for the first time,” she was unable to complete the sentence which proves that she was enchanted.

The first conversation was enough for both of them to strike a chord and then it was full of music. Her narration only increased my curiosity to know more about their story. “He confessed his feelings first of course. Then we planned to meet,” said Anjali. She had always wanted a dramatic airport meeting and she got what she wanted. “We were supposed to meet at the airport because he was to catch a flight. But it so happened that we had a miscommunication and it all got messed up.” I asked the obvious if they could finally meet and she continued, “We had almost missed the chance of meeting but he made sure that he met me before he could travel. He was on the verge of missing his flight but he made the efforts to meet me before going.” I am sure she couldn’t have wished for a more dramatic meet.

The next phase was their wedding. As soon as I mentioned ‘wedding’, her immediate response was, “Our wedding was postponed to another date because of the Kerala floods. My area wasn’t really affected but he was stuck in the floods.” But when their destiny was already weaved together, nothing could stop them from getting together.

Anjali describes herself as a childish, messy girl who loves singing and dancing. So I ask her to tell me one song that describes their relationship and she had her answer ready. “It definitely is Thousand Years,” said Anjali. She says her husband is the one who always calms her down. The one last question I ask on how marriage has changed her and her answer could not define their relationship any better. “I have come to know what happiness is now and I also speak for him when I say this. I haven’t seen him any happier before either,” said Anjali and I could sense the fulfillment in her voice.

“Ajith is my miracle and the best I could ever ask for.”

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