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When Love Becomes Enjoying Boredom Together

Girl meets boy. They start talking, become friends from strangers, fall in love and live happily ever after. Isn’t this a cute love story? Nah! A perfect love story needs some imperfections, some assumptions, lots of emotions and a soulful confession. What kind of a love story did Shruti and Aneesh have?

Shruti was very particular about her ideal life partner. It seemed as if she had a clear picture of her soul mate in her head which just needed a face. “I had many many filters to choose a guy and the major filter was he should be living in the same city as me.

I registered on BharatMatrimony, browsed through various profiles and then there was this one profile that caught my attention,” said Shruti.

It was her birthday month when Shruti found Aneesh’s profile. She had no idea that from here on she will be celebrating all her birthdays with her special one. But back then her focus was to meet and get to know him. “The first time I saw his photo, he looked a little thin but he was when I met him in person, it seemed as if I am meeting a whole new charming guy” Shruti said. Aneesh was also having a cold feet when he was about to meet her for the first time. “I was extremely nervous. I had absolutely no clue as to what to and what not to ask.”

The meeting was good and they did like each other. But now they had to face the big question, ‘is it a yes?’ When Shruti was approached with this question, the first thing that popped up in her head was Aneesh was perfect. But perfect here was a confusing perfect. “When my parents asked me about him, I thought that he is too good for me. He was just the right amount of perfect. He was intelligent, curious, chivalrous and caring. Basically he was the guy every girl dreams of,” Shruti recalled. The fact that he was perfect confused Shruti if she should say yes to him. You cannot escape it when you are destined to love. So eventually, she had to say a yes.

Aneesh and Shruti were in love but the proposal was yet to happen. Shruti knew that he was not dramatic and neither was she expecting a filmy proposal. So when Aneesh called her out for dinner, she had only imagined a simple dinner date but what actually happened was startling. “He had booked an entire restaurant just to propose to me.” The moment Aneesh got down on his knees, she definitely skipped a heartbeat.

Marriage brings with it many changes into one’s life. Aneesh’s life has changed for the better, “We are complete opposites. She is funny, outgoing and she has charisma. But I am not so good with socializing. She is the gateway for me to the world. I am much more social now to my own people and to strangers as well.”

They have a rule that not one of them attempts to break. It is no using technology after 9 in the night. “That’s the time we are off work and want to spend it together,” says Shruti. This is Aneesh and Shruti’s definition of love because he says, “Love isn’t only enjoying each other’s company but it is enjoying boredom together.”

Indeed theirs is a story of a once upon a time and a happily ever after...

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