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When Opposites Meet and Fall In Love

How does it happen that strangers from two entirely different worlds meet, fall in love, and agree to spend their lives together? Such is love, it is said. It is that strong an emotion that does not see any difference but only unites two souls without any condition. Here are two gorgeous people, Anoop and Indu, different from each other in many ways, talking about their journey from promising to grow old together to falling in love.

I call them up to find Anoop on the other side who insisted on telling their story along with his wife. I got excited to hear them narrate their story together but I only heard silence.

Why? They were allowing each other to talk first. So what I do to break the silence is ask Indu what was on her checklist for a life partner. “To top the list he has to be honest and understand me and of course charming too,” she said and both of them started to giggle.

When she finally found Anoop on BharatMatrimony, their journey started with chats and phone calls until the day arrived for them to meet. Right then, I could totally sense that they had travelled down the memory lane and were reliving those days because Anoop clearly remembered the colour of the dress Indu was wearing when he first saw her. He recalled, “She was wearing something in orange and white.”

Well.. This was how they connected but I wanted to know what was running in their minds as they were getting closer to marriage. Both of them respond, “We were busy organizing our wedding. We had our pre-wedding and post wedding photo shoot but at the same time we were very nervous too.” But all the nervousness had passed by the time they were man and wife. They were only looking forward to start their lives together.

One is an introvert whereas the other loves to talk. While one is emotionally sensitive, the other one is not. Then how did they fall in love? Indu spilled the beans saying, “I wanted someone opposite in character to me. That’s how we fill the gaps, isn’t it?” This is where Anoop literally filled the gap, “That is how we fell in love. Who wouldn’t fall in love with someone who takes you out on a candle light dinner date? Who could resist from falling in love with the girl who writes little notes for you, right?” Anoop describes his wife as childlike but that’s exactly what he loves the most about her.

To end our conversation, I finally ask the pretty woman what has marriage brought into her life and she says it all in one sentence, “My husband has helped me see life from a different perspective, to celebrate life, with him.”

It is rightly said that love sees no difference, no conditions but only LOVE...

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